Saturday, 18 June 2016

Jeff Seiler: Dave Sim & Me

Eleven years ago, when Cerebus ended, Dave Sim decided to answer all of his back mail. A month or so later, he had his "Jeff Seiler Day" in which he answered multiple letters I had written over the previous year. After I received that letter, I decided to keep writing, and he kept his promise to answer every letter he received. Now, I have a foot-high stack of letters written and received over 10 years or so. I'll be running interesting excerpts from those letters each week.

To my knowledge, Dave has written two open letters to his correspondents. This one comes as a result of (I believe) two lengthy discussions, one with Jeff T., the other with Chester Brown, both of which were very unsatisfactory for Dave. They both occurred in or around April of 2008. What followed, as an open letter from Dave to all of his correspondents, was this. I received it in a fax dated 24 April, 2008:

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