Saturday, 3 September 2016


$822 to the $30,000 PLATEAU

Of course, I wouldn't have told myself that I'd also be 19 and a half hours into a 48-hour fast, having committed myself to a 3:16 program of fasting for 24 hours on every 3/16 date in 2016.  And only realized "What happens when a 3/16 occurs next to a Sunday when I'm already committed to fasting for 24 hours?" when it actually happened.  

You read about "going to bed hungry" but it's a very edifying experience to actually go through it, realizing how much of the world does that, having no choice in the matter.

Mm. No, better just tell him about the $2,000 on his little television on a Saturday...and save the 48-hour fast for a surprise. :)

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