Sunday, 4 September 2016

Cerebus Archive Number 5 Kickstarted!

Congratulations to Dave Sim and Sandeep Atwal for raising CDN $30,805 with


Travis Pelkie said...

Considering that there were no bonus prints and that the last one took so long to get to us, that's not too much of a drop off in people and $.

Jeff Seiler said...

Aye. Dave should consider himself very fortunate and blessed to have such loyal "followers".

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

You're a follower, Jeff; I'm just a reader. I too congratulate the Kickstarter team on another successful campaign, and am pleased that the restoration of Cerebus will continue.

-- Damian

al roney said...

Congrats to all on another successful campaign!

A better end date/time for the next CAN may help in bringing in some more bucks.

I'm sort of a last minute guys on this stuff and suspect I'm not alone.

Labor Day weekend a lot of folks are on vacation etc.

Dave Sim said...

Thanks to everyone for their support!