Saturday, 10 September 2016

On Sale 15 Years Ago: Cerebus #270

Cerebus #270 (September 2001)
Art by Dave Sim, photo by Ken Sim, cover technician Chris Verhoeven

Diamond Order Code: OCT140536


Jim Sheridan said...

I love the pseudo Stan Lee phrasing. How many Marvel comics covers had the "If this be..." construction at work?

Dave Sim said...

Hi Jim! Probably not NEARLY as many as we THINK we remember. Like when I went looking for Carmine Infantino "head to head/lineup of team versus lineup of team" cover. Just Google Image search Infantino. You won't be able to swing a dead cat without...without...

erm. What issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE WAS that one?

Jim Sheridan said...

There are a few beauties:

If This Be My Destiny! - Amazing Spiderman 31
If This Be Doomsday! - Fantastic Four 49
If This Be...MODOK! - Marvel Double Feature
If This Be...Ragnarok! - Thor 200
If This Be Terrax! - Fantastic Four 211

It goes on. The phrasing gets borrowed for titles of plenty of blogs and articles too. Fun stuff.

Dave Sim said...

Well done! I used to know three of those, anyway!