Friday, 23 September 2016

Weekly Update #149: Cerebus Archive Number 5 Gets Signed

Dave gets a phone call from Jimmy Gownley and signs 3,000 CAN5 prints in one day!
Also, the Melmoth negatives get prepared for scanning.


Tony Dunlop said...

Oh yeah, way to keep us in suspense! Which ten pages will be in the "Melmoth" archive portfolio?

David Kilroy said...

Wish, wish, wish the Cerebus Covers collection was in the diligent hands of Dave's crew instead of EYE DEE DOUBLEYOU.

Travis Pelkie said...

I feel I would be remiss in not mentioning that there is a box set of the complete Amelia Rules SCs available in Previews this month -- you should still be able to get an order in at your local comic shop.

SEP161312 is the Diamond code!

Man, you guys really want to make up for the delay in CAN4, huh? That survey was deceptively short!

Dave Sim said...

Hi Tony: Sorry about that! The MELMOTH Archive portfolio will be: "The Portfolio That Dare Not Speak Its Name", the first ten pages of the Prologue. "Effing C-words" and what that tells us about ourselves.

David Kilroy - The guys and I appreciate your compliment! We're going to have a full turn-out -- Sandeep, Fisher, Rollie and Alfonso -- on Monday at Camp David -- God willing. Monday is usually "bagging and boarding" at the warehouse (now up to issue 197 or so) but that's suspended temporarily until ALL of the CAN5 portfolios are OUT of here.

Travis - Thanks for the "head's up". AMELIA RULES is definitely comics for adolescent girls that EVERYONE will enjoy.

We're trying to eliminate the surveys as much as possible in favour of stream-lining the delivery system and discussing anything we need input on here at AMOC. I don't think mass questioning and percentages give you an accurate perception of reality. Better, I think, to announce policies and to answer questions in front of everyone -- Pledge Partners and others -- and rely on the resulting "Comments" to tell you what you want to know.