Wednesday, 25 January 2017

MINDS update, question

Sean Michael Robinson:

Hello all,

A quick update on Minds:

I've completed about 240 pages of the work for the book, and all that remains are the pages sourced from negative "copydot" scans and print copies, which I'll be tackling after the layout stage.

Unfortunately,  I have an incomplete set of facts (actual facts, which I prefer to alternative ones) regarding previous printings. Cerebus collector extraordinaire +Nate+, who maintains a list of printings of the different books, accounts for four printings of Minds in total.

First printing: (limited signed and numbered) June 1996
Second printing: June 1996
Third printing: June 1998
Fourth printing: August 2001

However, the copydot scans that are all that remains of the original negative, were scanned by Lebonfon and have file dates of 10/23/2008, suggesting to me that there was a Lebonfon printing of this book sometime after this date.

SO! Do any Cerebus fans out there have a copy of a (labeled on the inside) FIFTH printing of Minds? If so, does it say Lebonfon on the interior?

Thanks bigly!

Edit: Solved!

Edit the Second: Cerebus Volume One, the SUPER SPECIAL REMIXED REMASTERED WITH ENHANCED BASS version is at Diamond now and available to order from your local comic store! And man o man o man, does it look good. Months of work plus impeccable printing by Friesens of Manitoba plus really anal-retentive proofreading and 6,500 page afterward= the best book of this project yet. Let me know what you think once you've picked up a copy!


Dave Sim said...

Wow. THAT was FAST!

Dave Sim said...

We definitely have confirmation from Diamond that all 2,986 copies of CEREBUS VOLUME ONE have arrived at the Star System warehouse in Olive Branch, MS. I also made sure to have Sean put a REMASTERED EDITION banner on the new printing, so it will be easy to tell if you're shopping for it in your LCS.

Yes, definitely the best Volume One yet!

Tim P said...

My LCS in the UK are still struggling to get Going Home...seems to have sold out. Hopefully back soon though. For vol 1, is the back matter any different vs the last printing from a couple or so years ago? Thanks

Tim P said...

Meant to say sold out in the UK

Sean R said...

Hey Tim, yes the back matter is completely different, as is the restoration work on the interior pages that I hadn't done before. The new essay is placing at work and his stork contacts, and also discussing the long road to the restoration. I will try to remember to post some excerpts from the essay here sometime soon! Thank you for the reminder. Good luck getting your copy of going home

Jeff Seiler said...

Well, Sean you are correct about the proofreading being really, really anal-retentive, but wouldn't a 6,500-page afterword make for a rather unwieldy doorstop?

Sean R said...

Oh my. I dictated the previous comment if you couldn't tell. That should be "historical context." Jeff- nope! The afterward is now the length of the whole series :)

Dave Sim said...

Lots of weird stuff going on with CEREBUS publications getting to people. One of the problems is that there's no way to tell when Diamond is the problem and when the LCS is the problem.

That's especially true in the UK because you've got the Diamond factor, the Diamond UK factor and the LCS factor.

All I can do is keep repeating that -- at considerable expense and years of time and trouble -- all of the CEREBUS trade paperbacks are...THEORETICALLY!...finally in print and available. Emphasis on THEORETICALLY!

It just doesn't seem to be working out that way, based on anecdotal reports.

Jeff Seiler said...

Well, I haven't gotten my copy of the anal-retentively Seiler-proofed Cerebus, Vol. I, yet, but I'm told it's out there...

Meantime, may none of your pees look like dees and may your ells and eyes look like yous whenever you have a chance to get a happy ending.

Tony again said...

Ah, flick you..