Saturday, 21 January 2017


Two bridging sequences down, three to go.

Here is a finished page from the sequence that ties issue 1 to issue 2.
As I mentioned over at Dave's Patreon site, where all of the progress is being posted as it happens, this page was particularly difficult because I had to re-create one of Dave's more teeny-tiny-line intensive drawings from Glamourpuss at a 50-60% reduction in size, and, figure out how to get it to merge with the figure in front of it with some kind of photo-negative'ish effect. Not sure if I pulled off the merge effect as well as it could be done, but I do think I managed to preserve most of Dave's details, even with the size reduction. I jokingly told Dave a while back that my goal is to give Sean a headache when he preps these for reproduction. Not sure if I have gone that deep into the page yet but I am on my way!

Also of note, because it will have an effect on the time I can spend with the pages, I was given a third class for the semester at the last minute (Yay $ and CV lines). It is a T-Th class, which were days I had set aside for SDOAR, so that is going to slow down the finishing rate a bit. Hopefully not dramatically.


Jeff Seiler said...

Gotta love last minute classes, especially when you haven't taught it before. One week to read the textbook and write up lecture notes! And they say cramming doesn't work!

Jeff Seiler said...

Jack is a brave, brave woman, to let herself be drawn.

Or incredibly vain.

I can never tell...

Travis Pelkie said...

Especially if she realizes that Jeff is ... "enjoying" ... the pictures...

j/k, Jeff!


Carson Grubaugh said...

Last year I took a one-year full-time position with twelve days notice. The job was in VA, I was in CA. So a cross country move, prep for classes I have never taught, getting put into the system as an employee, etc. A last minute notice on a class I have taught about ten times already, in the town I currently live in, CAKE!

Jeff Seiler said...

Been there, done that.

Can u draw the t-shirt?

Carson Grubaugh said...

That is about right, "I move to VA for a year and all I got was this shitty t-shirt."

Unknown said...

Carson - With any luck, we can airlift you out of there and have you doing SDOAR full time once you've got these bridging pages done.

(Of course, that depends on finding a way to generate income no matter how few people are interested enough to buy a copy. Which I'm working on, right now, while I'm doing the RIP KIRBY Commentaries. It's completely a logistical mental exercise but I think I'm getting close to a workable solution)

The biggest plus that I can see is that neither of us is getting paid (or, in my case, have gotten paid for the last two years) and the project is still moving ahead steadily. It's hard to get in the way of two guys who aren't being paid. What are you going to do? FIRE us?

Gorgeous work. Just gorgeous.

And you're just getting started. :)

Carson Grubaugh said...


I am only signing on board for this plan if an actual helicopter rescue is involved. The melodrama of it is so appealing. I will wear a, "So long Deconstructionist!" T-shirt and everything. LOL

Actually, besides the fact that I love working with my students, the biggest reason teaching appealed to me is that looked like a good way to earn the financial freedom be a guy who doesn't need to get paid for his art. That snake starts to eat its own when you find out you have to be actively showing work in galleries to get the job, first, and obtain tenure, second. The commercial-appeal factor you think you are getting away from comes back with more even venom.

Unknown said...

Carson - Duly noted. We're just getting the job done at this point. I never went the galleries route -- and for a lot the reason that you indicate. You have to "go along to get along".

I'm trying to structure SDOAR as close to CEREBUS as possible as the most viable model: i.e. you do your part the way you think it needs to be done. End of story.