Thursday, 2 March 2017


Still working on how we're going to deal with the remaining inventory of FOLLOWING CEREBUS. There are 12 full sets (which we'll be hanging onto for a Deluxe Treatment of some kind: by eBay auction)

25 sets with #4 missing, 12 sets with #4 and #10 missing; 10 sets with #4, 7, 10 & 11 missing; 29 sets with #4, 6, 7, 10 & 11 missing.

After that, there are 37 copies of #1; 17 copies of #2; 61 copies of #3 [check out the fold-out parody covers cover on #3 in a post earlier this week], 67 copies of #8; 122 copies of #9 and 278 copies of #12.

Howard Miller, Craig's Dad -- who's in his 80s and really needs to get Craig's Estate wrapped up soon if he can: he's been at it full time since Craig passed in November of 2012 -- is in charge of liquidating Craig's Estate and has officially transferred ownership of the website TO the Estate.  So it is possible to order back issues that you're missing (except #4) and to be sure that every penny that you spend (except for postage charges) will go to Craig's daughter, Jennifer Miller, when she comes of age.

The website address is

So, anyone who has been wondering how to donate the Jennifer's future well-being, get some back issues or extend condolences to Mr. Miller, here's your chance!

Just send a "Hello, Howard!"  e-mail and tell him "Dave Sim sent me".

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