Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Salad Fork Stuck To His Face

We've only seen Dave Sim's #33 notebook once before in The Start of Form & Void. The 32 pages of the notebook that were scanned cover Cerebus #251. Though there were a couple pages were Dave must've been thinking ahead.

Notebook 33, page 5
On the above page, is some dialogue that was used in Cerebus #253, pages 4 and 5. However, when we 'hear' the dialogue, it is put over a fire, we never see Jaka's salad fork stuck to Ham's face, nor do we see Ham leaning over Jaka asking her if he could call her daughter.

Then on page 7 of the notebook, there is a sketch of Mary with some Cerebus dialogue.

Notebook 33, page 7
What interested me about the page is that it looks like some liquid must've spilled on it and part of the left hand side of the page is ripped and pushed over. Dave must've come in and  re-did the black marker.

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Travis Pelkie said...

I think Dave leaving this stuff out was a wise choice. The fork stuck to the face is fine comedy, but actually seeing it would have been too much. Also, seeing Ham talk to Jaka would have worked against the point as well, as we needed to see all through this book Ham being essentially static and unchanging, to play up the notion that Mary led him around and maneuvered him into suicide/set up his murder (whatever your viewpoint is on that issue).