Monday, 3 April 2017

Swords Of Cerebus Vol 3: Cerebus #11

Published between 1981 and 1984, Dave's six Swords of Cerebus volumes were his first attempt to collect the book in a more permanent form. He gave each story included in these volumes a prose introduction, explaining where the book stood when he'd been working on that particular issue and how he was thinking of its prospects at the time. We're currently covering the intros from Swords volume 3. Also check out the full 'Swords Of Cerebus' Introductions Index.

"The 'hsss' is a direct steal from Jules Feiffer's Hostileman," says Dave.

Jules Feiffer's "Hostileman" appeared is six issues of Playboy magazine:
Dec 1964, Jan 1965, Jun 1965, Jan 1967, May 1969, Jun 1969

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A Moment Of Cerebus said...

So this is a long shot, but... do any of you Cerebus fans have a collection of 1960s Playboy who could send me scans of Feiffer's Hostileman? I'm a big Feiffer fan and would love to read those. Send your scans to: momentofcerebus [at] gmail [dot] com
Many thanks,

Barry Deutsch said...

If you have any luck, Tim, I'd be interested in seeing them as well.

You've probably already seen this, but I did find a complete episode on the web, plus a two-page-excerpt from another episode.

StreetLaughter: 430: Jules Feiffer 1: Hostileman 1

StreetLaughter: 431: Jules Feiffer 2: Hostileman 2

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Thanks Barry.
Those links are already embedded above.
I really can't see myself buying Playboy back-issues just for this.
Maybe they'll be reprinted at some point.
Take care,

Barry Deutsch said...

Whoops! Sorry, I didn't notice the embedded links.

Another option, if you're fairly determined: Playboy has all of their back issues online, and a one-month membership is only $8.

Barry Deutsch said...

Looking around a little more, this site seems to have many or all of the back issues online for free. This link will take you to the Dec 1964 issue, with the first appearance of "Hostileman"; I haven't checked for the others.

A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Ha! Looking forward to explaining that credit card charge to the girlfriend! "Yeah babe, purely for comics research purposes...!"

Travis Pelkie said...

They probably bill your credit card under the name "Plain Brown Wrapper". ;)

Depending on when the issue came out vs. the cover date, this may have been the first new issue out when I was born!