Thursday, 22 June 2017

ICYMI: Sim On Trump

(from an AMOC Comment, 21 June 2017)
...I think President Trump BELIEVES everything that he says. I think that's what got him the presidency. I think what everyone overlooks is that he lost once through the whole election cycle. In my experience -- as a political junkie of 50 years standing -- that's unheard of. HOW did he do that? Sheer impenetrable BELIEF in self, I think.

And that, I think, stems from his experience on THE APPRENTICE franchise. Reality TV is all staged. It's performance art. He spent more than a decade (no, really, THINK about that) watching himself on TV and doing different takes of anything that he didn't see as being HIM. What got the ratings, what didn't. This is what DJT looks like when he says this. This is what DJT looks like when he says that. And he learned concision. You've got 21.6 seconds to communicate this before you say "You're fired!" HOW do you say that in 21.6 seconds? (that's why he took to Twitter: "this is the only way to DO this job. This is like TV but more finely-tuned")

The Democrats are going to have to find someone who has that same skill set for 2020. What Democrat has the decade-plus experience of creating themselves on a Reality TV franchise? And is interested in the job? Pretty short list, I would guess...


John Mosher said...

Of course he believes in himself. That's how you sell the con.

Jeff Seiler said...

In the HBO miniseries, "John Adams", the making and presentation of which predates but presages the Trump presidency, President Adams, shortly after he and Abigail had moved into the still-under-construction Executive Mansion, said:

"Oh, I pray heaven to bestow the best of blessings on this house and all who shall hereafter inhabit it.


"May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof."

Apochryphal or not, I think there have been who ruled dishonestly and unwisely.

Including the current occupant.

More's the pity.