Sunday, 11 June 2017

Swords Of Cerebus Vol 6: Cerebus #21-22

Published between 1981 and 1984, Dave’s six Swords of Cerebus volumes were his first attempt to collect the book in a more permanent form. He gave each story included in these volumes a prose introduction, explaining where the book stood when he’d been working on that particular issue and how he was thinking of its prospects at the time. We’re starting on the final volume now, and this is the first of the three intros it contains. Also check out the full 'Swords Of Cerebus' Introductions Index.

“The presidential use of xeonphobia as a means of uniting widely-differing
 factions behind a single leader was central to the storyline,” says Dave.

Next week: Rick takes out the bullets.

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Tony Dunlop said...

The unavailability of #21 is legendary, and is the only reason I don't have a complete run from #19 - 300. My #21 is the Biweekly (I wasn't going to buy Swords vol. 6 for just one missing issue!).

I don't know if there's an implied parallel here, but our current president here in the U.S. is a lot closer to Cerebus than to Weisshaupt! I'm especially thinking of the scene with the bureaucrat's thumb...