Friday, 25 August 2017

Dave Sim: A Thorough Examination of 6,000 Pages

14 August 04

Dear Tim [Gagne]:

Thanks for the letter. Sorry to hear your team fell short. Actually, I have no real objection to co-ed ball. Same as if two teams agreed to play with ten-pound weights tied around their ankles or two teams decided to have an equal number of players in their 20s, 30s and 40s. As long as it’s both teams, then it’s fair. I mean, there is the problem with feeding the feminist delusion that we’re all equal, but co-ed softball is really the least of our problems in that area. If Western civilization is going to wake up, it isn’t going to be out on a ball diamond, I don’t think. 

We’ll be taking an ad or two in TCJ if I can talk Ger into it (I think I’ve got a really good idea), but I don’t think they realize what they’re walking into. "A good, thorough examination from a variety of perspectives"? How many pages do you think it would take to examine a 6,000 page story thoroughly from a variety of perspectives? How many pages do you think the Journal will devote to it? Yes, exactly.

Here’s your autographed funny book. If you get it personalized or a letter with it, you only get me. Ger's out on his boat. A little under 500 responses in the last week. Just waiting to see if we’ve crested or if there’s a snail mail tsunami on the way. We’ve got about 9,000 Sandman parody issues at the warehouse (excluding 166’s knee-slapping “Look, my sister” two-panel laugh fest), so we should be able to take whatever the Internet can dish out. I’m really surprised. I didn’t know that many people still knew what a stamp was (although it must be said that three of them have put it in the wrong corner of the envelope).

Assuming your “tomatoes” isn’t a euphemism for something else, I’m sorry to hear that they aren’t growing like they should. It’s been a cool, cruel summer all across North America from what I understand. I’ve been out in the sun every time it shows its face and have the best non-salon tan I’ve ever had in my life, not to mention taking in the local Blues festival, the vintage cars “Cruising” display and just wandering the streets. Not having to draw a monthly comic book for the first summer since I was twenty-two, I’m pretty easy to please. Plus, I was over in Italy (Portorecanati on the Adriatic coast) for a week and it never got below 34C (98F) the whole time I was there in a house with no air-conditioning. Funny how you get used to no air-conditioning, though, when it isn’t there. Same way your body can absorb -5C in the winter no problem and 20C in the summer feels chilly.


From "Dave Sim's Collected Letters Vol 3", a Cerebus Archive Kickstarter reward.

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