Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Four Seasons Of The Aardvark

The Four Seasons Of The Aardvark (2010)
Sketches by Dave Sim
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When Dave was doing head sketches during the "Cerebus TV" phase, I would request multiple sketches and ask for them to be themed. Dave is a champ at taking a suggestion like this and running with it. This request was for 4 drawings, done as the four seasons. Here is what came back.


Steve said...

Dave did put some extra effort into the sketches for Brian during this period, more so than for the 'run of the mill' buyers like myself.

Quite understandable as Brian had purchased quite a bit of art and had plenty of contact with Dave and Gerhard on that front.

And as Brian mentions, Dave's creativity with taking a suggested theme in an unexpected direction shows up wonderfully here.


Jake Capps said...

I half expected the squares to match up with the number of days in each month correctly.

Travis Pelkie said...

These are cool.

I assume, Jake, that these are months from the society we see in Latter Days, no? ;)