Friday, 4 August 2017

Weekly Update #194: Distribution Advice For Silicon Acres

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A Moment Of Cerebus said...

Coincidentally, Rich Tommaso has hit the comics-news this week as he raises the issue of poor pre-orders for his new Image series "Spy Seal". That makes for an interesting read here:

Silicon Acres said...

Hello Dave!

Thank you for taking my message and dedicating the episode of your weekly update to answer my question. I’ve watched the video and would like to respond to your points sequentially; I appreciate the thoroughness of your response, and want to state that the follow-through is already in progress.

Comic Shop Locator has been crucial in helping me build a list of places to do exactly what you said to do. I have visited 6 or 7 shops locally to get the buyer information for the stores, and have also put calls in to shops in the Midwest and on the East Coast, in both cases they requested 5 copies as soon as the issue ships, (the target date is the end of August), presumably to test-market to the staff and regular clientele. All in all, I have commitments from about 10 stores total thus far. I will add another 10 stores in the East Bay, and a few more outliers and start the test market when I hit 20-25. I would hope that they provide brutally honest feedback regarding the first issue, and tell me if there is an obvious apparent lack and am prepared for the worst possible rejection. That dangerous realm is always handled with a smile. Also I appreciate you not sugar-coating the pill. :)

“Now for the part you didn’t want to hear.” :D Actually, this was exactly what I hoped you would say. Everyone has been offering blind encouragement, which is appreciated, but these critical questions you asked helped me examine both the ontology and timeline of the strip (its a strip currently, that’s the fact) and offered a raw expectation in the relationship between both bookseller and reader. Realistically, a Bi-Monthly issue will not be a problem; my creative process synchs up with that. I want to say that a monthly issue could possible but fiscally we can’t hit the ground running like that yet.

To just get down to the absolute facts: This did not, fortunately, take three years to draw. I can draw a quarter-page panel in about 3 hours. About 6-12 hours per page before color. The concept came together in about a month, and the idea sat dormant and marinated for about 2 years. During that time I wrote and story-boarded the 4-issue miniseries. When I came back to it, Issue #1 was drawn in about 5 weeks, and then I scanned it and realized I had no idea how to to ink, which took another two. The cover took about 4 days, 10-12 hours total, and needs an hour of color yet and needs the logo placed as I’m sitting here typing. I see how a one-shot would be much easier and self contained as you put it, but I am committed to four issues. I can’t set the story up up in less.

My initial creative process for this project was just over a two-month turnaround for an 16-18 page B&W comic with a full-color glossy cover. Two pages ended up as a mini-comic and a page of advertising. I’m confident that time-frame COULD be brought down now that I have some of the processes automated, but 2 months? I’m committed to that. It can easily come out every two months. I appreciate you not skating around this point… and can comfortably make these deadlines before next March.

The reality is accepted… but I won’t scrap it and start over, even if it fails in print the first time. I’ve come too far to do that. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again for your advice and guidance.

In Cerebus We Trust,

- Brett

al roney said...


The audio is(finally) balanced and I can hear Dave in both speakers instead of just the right channel.

Thank You.