Thursday, 28 September 2017

Ivan Kocmarek's "Heroes Of The Home Front" Kickstarter!


While attending an intimate gathering yesterday at the studio-home of Gerry and Setsuko Lazare on the occasion of his 90th birthday (Jerry Lazare was the name he worked under during World War II - so far as we know he's the last surviving creator of the Canadian Whites and has been a prominent Canadian gallery painter since the 1970s) I was made aware that Ivan Kocmarek's Kickstarter campaign for the book he's been working on for years, HEROES OF THE HOME FRONT: BELL FEATURES ARTISTS OF WWII looks like it's coming up short of the $25K needed to kick it over the goal-line. He's at about $18K with a week to go; the way Kickstarter works if he doesn't pass the $25K mark he gets nothing.

Dave Sim and Gerry Lazare

A bit of a "Hail Mary" pass but I've offered Ivan access to our "overages" for the CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER FIVE an CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER SIX Artists Editions portfolios at $100 Canadian each (roughly $80 U.S,) and will sign the front of each portfolio personally to any of Ivan's pledge partners interested in pledging for one (or more -- makes the Ideal Christmas gift) of them. Ivan sent me an advance copy of the book and I critiqued it and made a few suggestions. I think it makes a really valuable contribution the the History of Canadian Comics and I'd hate to see it die on the vine. Hope some AMOC viewers can help. 


Anonymous said...

I pledged for the Gerhard art bundle.


Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Just over two days, and less than two grand, to go!

-- Damian