Sunday, 3 September 2017

On Sale 29 Years Ago: Cerebus #114

Cerebus #114 (September 1988)
Art by Dave Sim & Gerhard

This is one of my favorite covers. The trees and surroundings are based on a photo I took. The little playground is based on a small park in my hometown of Kitchener.

Diamond Order Code: OCT140536


whc03grady said...

The first issue I bought new. 29 years? Damn.


Margaret said...

This was my first issue as well. It was the cover that hooked me. On a trip to Kitchener I went to that park to see if the horse was still there. . .Thunder was gone but the magic remained.

Anonymous said...

The little, sneaky, 's was very clever.

In my humble opinion:

Best. Comic. Book. Cover. Ever.

People, please don't ever underestimate the phenomenal collaboration of D'AvenGer.

--Jeff Seiler

Anonymous said...

Where is that park in Kitchener? On Mill Street?

Margaret said...

It is Highlands Courts Park, which does have a side on Mill St. We drove down Wentworth Ave and parked there.