Sunday, 17 September 2017

On Sale 35 Years Ago: Cerebus #42

Cerebus #42
Art by Dave Sim

This, I think, is a good cover. All of the individual elements work (except the free-pour physics) and add up to a strong overall image.

Diamond Order Code: OCT140536


Anonymous said...

No respect these days.

No respect.

Take my two-year-old. Just the other day, he looks down at me and says, "And you are?"

No respect.

Take my wife.


(Mix and match comedians here.)

But, seriously, she asked me the other day when I had moved in.

No respect.

And you know who else has no respect? The Minneapolis Police Department. Officer Kingdon (badge #3707) told me a couple of days ago, "We [meaning, they] run the world."

No respect, I tells ya.

--Jeff Seiler

Travis Pelkie said...

Go over and pet Jeff, maybe he'll let you.

(Sorry Jeff, just wanted in on this and it's the only Dangerfield punchline I know [via Jeff Altman, though])

Anonymous said...

To mix in another commedienne, "Yeah, go ask my husband, Fang."