Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Cerebus in Hell? Contest Continues, Strange Cerebus in Stores Now!

Sean Michael Robinson:

Greetings all!

There's a lot happening this week, but if I showed you screen-shots of it I think most of it would only qualify as teasing. So I'll have to stick to only two pieces of news this week--

First off, and most importantly for all of you writer-types or aspiring catalogers of false trivia about fictional worlds...

The Handbook of Hell? contest continues! 

Do YOU want to write for Cerebus in Hell? Do YOU have a thousand or so words in you about a completely made-up topic related, tangentially or otherwise, to Cerebus in Hell?, its people, its environs? Do YOU have a passing familiarity with Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe or DC Who's Who? Do YOU have the patience of a saint and will be able to withstand a punishing 1.5 year of delay from submission to publication?

Then what are you waiting for? Read the rules and then fire off your entry post-haste to cerebusarthunt at gmail dot com!

We've received a few very funny entries so far, but are looking for more, many more! Looking to hear from you soon.

(And a special note to writer-waiting-for-files-related-to-this-- on the way today! Sorry for the delay!)


Today is the release date of Strange Cerebus! Visit your Local Comic Store and pick up a copy today. If the last two issues are any indication, this one will be gone fast...

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