Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Collected Letters, Available Now!


Hello all!

This will be a very brief one, as I'm currently swamped with two semi-secret, Cerebus-related tasks that are taking up most of my work time. But I wanted to use this week's post to let you know about at least one of the exciting things suddenly on the radar...

Collected Letters

Supporters of the Cerebus Archive Kickstarters will probably remember that one of the add-ons to the last several campaigns were several volumes of the discontinued-in-print-but-still-alive-in-your-heart Dave Sim's Collected Letters.

If you need a little memory jog... Dave Sim has always been a frequent letter writer. In 2006 and 2007, he released two collections of his letters from the year that Cerebus was completed, an unfiltered look at the range of his correspondence and interests unprecedented for a living author. 

And now, four more volumes of Collected Letters are available digitally, through Sellfy, some following the previously published volumes, and one diving waay way back to good ol' 1990.

These are the exact editions that were available previously as Kickstarter rewards, at the same price. The sales, minus Sellfy's small cut, go directly to Dave.

I've done no more than browse the first three volumes so far, but in that quick skim I found Collected Letters 1990 to be really interesting, in the day-to-day portrait it paints of life at Aardvark/Vanaheim. Especially interesting as Dave had (temporarily) stopped answering letters in the letter column itself, but was apparently writing like there was no tomorrow. (Almost 700 pages of letters in this volume. That is a lot of stamps!)

Collected Letters... available on Sellfy now:

Other Stuff Going On
I don't want to scoop Dave on any news or anything, but... you have already bought your copy of Batvark #1 and Aardvark Comics #1... haven't you? What's that? You haven't gotten around to it yet?

Well, uh, let's just say time's a ticking...

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