Thursday, 23 November 2017

A Message From A Moment Of Cerebus

 Hi Everybody,

To all of our American readers: Happy Thanksgiving!
And to all our readers from everywhere else: Happy Thursday!

From the A Moment Of Cerebus team.


Jake said...

"From the A Moment Of Cerebus team." one guy?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Hi Jake,

Nope, it's a team. Me, Margaret (with the Dave's notebooks posts), Sean (with the paper to pixel to paper posts, and the Cerebus In Hell? one-shot posts,) Dave Sim with the Weekly Updates, Tim W. for starting the whole ball of Wax, Gerhard pops by occasionally, And then there are the SECRET members of the team who do all sorts of important work that you never hear about (the AMOC Ninja squad...).

But, ya know, I wrote the post so, yeah, I guess it's one guy. (Way to crap on my parade dude...)

Matt Dow
Interim Editor

Jake said...


Jake Capps
Interim Commentor