Wednesday, 29 November 2017

FLIGHT Kickstarter Coming to a Close

Sean Michael Robinson:

Greetings all!

A brief message today to remind you that the CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER SEVEN: FLIGHT Kickstarter is almost complete! 

For your pledge? A ten-page portfolio of at-sized color reproductions of the first ten FLIGHT pages in the Cerebus Archive! A 10,000 word illustrated essay about the creation of the pages, written by one David Victor Sim!  A thank-you in perpetuity in the back of whatever ends up being the next book restored and printed thanks to this campaign! 

And there are a few other specialized rewards as well. The Cerebus in Hell? ones especially stick out for me.

Pledge CA$ 150 or more

Personalized Cerebus In Hell? Strip

Have a character named after you in a future CEREBUS IN HELL? strip and get a frame-able copy of the strip personalized to you by Dave Sim and Benjamin Hobbs.
SHIPS TOAnywhere in the world
2 backers

Pledge CA$ 500 or more

4 Personalized Cerebus In Hell? Strips

Have a character named after you in a four-strip sequence of a future CEREBUS IN HELL? episode. And get frameable copies of the four strips personalized to you by Dave Sim and Benjamin Hobbs. $500
SHIPS TOAnywhere in the world
1 backer

As there's no limit to these particular rewards, if we're swamped with pledges for them in the next few days—let's say, TEN people pledging for the latter reward—then you 3,000-4,000 current Cerebus in Hell? readers might be forced to endure a few issues of the usual funny comics about the banality of eternal torture, with inexplicably-featured background characters with names that seem vaguely familiar...

Which, now that I'm thinking about it, is really not that much different than a typical Cerebus in Hell? strip if you, say, don't know who Brian Wilson is. Or Squirrel Girl. Or... you get the picture.

Is this the new "silver bullet" for halting the creeping black-and-white indie comic malaise? Will this tactic take of and soon be regarded as the 21st century equivalent of painting your patrons into your nativity or other religious paintings?

We'll see soon!

Thanks to everyone who's pledged so far! And if you haven't pledged yet but you'd like to support the campaign, please consider pledging for a Christmas card or even just making a donation. It's much appreciated! 

This work is only made possible by your support.

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