Saturday, 11 November 2017

Help Drew Ford Save His Business!

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Drew Ford, and I publish comic books and graphic novels under an imprint I own called It's Alive!  Before starting my own business, I worked as an editor at another publisher for several years, where I brought to publication over forty graphic novel reprint collections, earning two Eisner Award nominations along the way.

A few months ago, I sent several international wire transfers to a printer outside the USA.  Initially, they told me everything was fine.  But recently, they told me they never received any money.  Obviously, I was in shock!  I immediately contacted my bank, who confirmed that the funds were sent and received months ago.  After taking a closer look, my bank believes the printer has nothing to do with this, and that it is their bank who "lost" my money.  I would replace the word "lost" with "stolen", but that's me.

Anyway, my bank has opened an official investigation, but has made it clear that I will probably not get my money back.

Sadly, without recouping at least a portion of these "lost" funds, I don't know if I can keep my business afloat.  I have several freelancers who need to be paid for current and upcoming projects, and of course the biggest bill will be the cost to print my books.

The amount I am asking for does not cover everything I lost, but it will go a long way to keeping me in business.  I don't expect to recoup everything I lost.  I am just looking for a little help to keep me going during this difficult time.

Thank you so much for your time.  All donations are greatly appreciated.

Drew Ford was the editor of the recent Puma Blues collection.

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