Sunday, 19 November 2017

Tribute Art Round-Up #16

Inktober 2017
Art by Tim McEwen
"Inktober Day 21 is Dave Sim, as I continue inking over the pencils of some of my all-time favourite comic artists... If I had to choose a single comics creator that was the single biggest influence on my own work it would surely be Dave Sim. I discovered his epic comic Cerebus at just the time I was starting to absorb material outside of the mainstream, and it stuck with a vengeance. He’s definitely my all time favourite comics creator and Cerebus is my all time favourite comic. With that in mind I approached this sketch with a little trepidation. It was an absolute ball to do though, and by the end of it I was pretty comfortable adding in a few of my own stylistic touches as opposed to what is so obviously Dave’s style. I think in the end it’s a good amalgamation. This one took me just under 30 minutes as it’s a reasonably simple sketch to begin with. I’ll be digging around for some humans that Dave’s drawn so that I can have a crack at those as well. I think that’s where there’s the most to learn for my own practice."

Cerebus The Barbarian (2017)

Cerebus x3 (2017)
"I am gifting my entire cerebus trade collection to a new cerebite in Cali, so I have had the ol aardvark on the brain when drawing the past couple days... Two reasons, 1. To spread the magic 2. to get the remasters."

Cerebus Commission drawn at Forest City Comicon 2017

Lego Cerebus (2017)
by Greg Hyland

Modern-Day Cerebus
by Tyler Boss

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Margaret said...

I enjoy seeing other artists' renditions of Cerebus. I'm really enjoying that first one James Smith did!