Monday, 4 December 2017


From the fax machine of Dave Sim:


Just wanted to thank everyone for their outstanding support of the CAN? Kickstarter which ended Saturday;

Unfortunately, owing to an oversight -- the buck stops here -- the BONUS CRAZY DEAL -- being an extra in Owen Kline's Independent Feature Film, TWO AGAINST NATURE, during their one-day shoot at. the COMIC BOOK JONES comic store on Staten Island -- didn't end up getting posted on Day 30.

This being one of those occasions that calls for the otherwise reasonably democratic Worldwide CEREBUS Nation to briefly convert into the Worldwide CEREBUS Benevolent Dictatorship, I, as your benevolent dictator, have decided to award the CRAZY DEAL BONUS PRIZE to Michael R. of Easton, PA for being the only person-· with one hour to go -- to ask the whereabouts of the CRAZY DEAL BONUS PRIZE.

As Michael has already specified that his participation depends on the shoot taking place on a non-work day, I'm just waiting to hear back from Owen Kline's PA, Audrey T. as to what day that's going to be.

So, Michael, please call 519-576-0610 and leave your phone no. so I can let you know what day it is, as soon as I know.

If Michael CAN'T make it for the film shoot, then we will go into CRAZY DEAL BONUS PRIZE OVERTIME which should be really, really scary for every CEREBUS fan in the Tristate area who will have One. More. Chance. To be in Owen Kline's movie.

It seems auspicious that my copy of the film script that was mailed to me from NYC by registered mail on November 15th (at a cost of $21 to the production company -- U.S. $ no less!) just arrived today.

Stay tuned!


Jeff said...

(GRRRRR.) I hovered for the last two hours. (GRRRRR.)

Jeff said...

Plus, I thought were supposed to be three "winners"--two for backup?

mike r said...

Jeff--- I can probably almost guarantee that if you show up dressed as Carmen Miranda to the day of the filming, I would get ousted immediately.

Jeff said...

LOL! Don' tempt me, Michael...