Saturday, 30 December 2017

From out of the fog: Dave Sim Gerhard interview in Ark

Hi, Everybody!

Today I have for you a link!

If you follow the link, you'll find a pdf of the last issue of Ark.

Why do you care about the last issue of Ark?

Because you're a compassionate and caring human, in touch with a deep seated love for your fellow man?

Yeah, I didn't buy that either...

You care because there's an interview with Dave and Gerhard.

(Part 2, page 30.)

A tip of the little gray metal helmet to our own Tim W. for the heads up.

Next time: I dunno, I got an email here wondering if anybody wants to meet Hot Russian Singles...


Tony Dunlop said...

Following the link, I see that there are also interviews with other, less prominent, cartoonists. Sorry, couldn't resist a little cheap irony.
Thanks for the tip, gents!

Carson Grubaugh said...

Interesting to see Dave acknowledged the public role-playing.

Carson Grubaugh said...

Also, loved that article that was posted a few days ago. It included a link to a fantastic interview of Gerhard by Sean. Really interesting stuff.

I had to laugh when Gerhard talked about his baby-sitter teaching him to crosshatch in a coloring book. Yup.

*flinch* *duck* *hide*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that, good interview!

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