Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Justice League: The AMOC review

Hi, Everybody!

So I went and saw Justice League, and now the A Moment Of Cerebus review:

Cerebus doesn't appear in it.

Join me next time when I review: Thor Ragnarok (spoilers: there are no aardvarks in that either...)


Tony Dunlop said...

A great public service; thanks, Matt. Keep 'em coming.

I expected President Trump to go on a tweetstorm about how outrageous and disgraceful it is that they took "Of America" out of the name of the group. Guess he's not as MAGA as I though.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


You're welcome.

I suspect they dropped the "of America" out since only 2 and a half members (of 6) are actually American.

Matt Dow

Eddie said...

Regarding random Cerebus sightings, I just got in “Modern Masters Volume 7: John Byrne” and there’s a bit about the letters pages (on pg. 59):

MM: I know of at least two people who bought NEXT MEN primarily for the letters pages

JB: [laughs] The world’s longest letters page; it kept growing and growing.

MM; Did you get the idea to do that from Dave Sim’s CEREBUS letters pages, or did it just evolve organically?

JB: It just happened. I never followed CEREBUS, so I wasn’t aware that he was doing it until people started telling me that that was what I was doing. No, the letters columns just got longer and longer and longer. Which was something I could do in a book that had no advertising, except house ads. I was able to just drop the house ads.

I’ve never read NEXT MEN, but I can’t imagine the letters in there were as wild as the ones in Aardvark Comment. Also kind of interesting that in addition to the format of the letters pages, Dave and John Byrne both did sideways issues around the same time (Dave with the end of High Society, and John Byrne with that issue of Fantastic Four).

Tony again said...

"Of America" never seemed to bother Superman, Wonder Woman, the Martian Manhunter, or Aquaman - all of whom were, I suppose, what we would now call "undocumented..."

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


That's why they had no problem with"of America" they didn't want the feds asking for their papers...

Matt Dow