Friday, 1 December 2017

Kickstarter for Flight ends TO. DAY.

Hi, Everybody!

With the Kickstarter for Cerebus Archive Number 7: Flight, ending TODAY, I thought we should look at two of the pages we're NOT getting in it. (Also two of my four favorite pages in the whole 6000+ page saga...)

The death of "Death"...

Cerebus No. 151 page 13

Cerebus No. 151 page 14
I actually sent Dave a letter in the long-lost bygone days before the book ended, attempting to buy these two pages (and the two that preceded them,) for a hundred bucks a page. Based on something Dave had said in the back of the book about how any page he and Ger sell bumps them up into the next tax bracket, so they either had to sell low, or really high.

I hoped for "low".

No dice.

But at least I get the first two NOW! (Kinda...)


Jeff said...

"Well, 😱 FUCK 😱 me" has been my mantra ever since then, whenever I do something stupid. Repeated *many* timrs, over the years.

Travis Pelkie said...

like posting a comment without catching the "timrs" for "times", mr. proofreader man?


just busting on ya, Jeff, ya know I love ya. In a manly way, of course.

Jeff said...

We are both manly men, Travis. :)

Travis Pelkie said...

Let's hope Dow never runs short on content and reposts your Carmen Miranda getup again and disproves that one... ;)

Culpa Direct said...

"Who Proofreads the Proofreader"? :)