Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Merchandising: Cerebus In Chains

Hi, Everybody!

Did you buy your Cerebus Archive #7: Flight(Just how long can I flog that horse? Stay tuned and we'll see...)

You didn't?

Well sucks for you... Uh, I mean, "Gee that's too bad. Don't worry, I'm sure there will be a mass market version available through Diamond at some point."

But, you say, "Christmas is coming, if I don't have something Cerebus related under my tree I'll JUST DIE!!!" 

Dang you're melodramatic...

But don't worry, your friends here at A Moment Of Cerebus have got you covered.

"Merchandising! Merchandising, where the REAL money from the movie is made." Mel Brooks as Yogurt in Spaceballs: The Movie (1987)
That's right! Merchandising!

What kind of Aardvark related merch do we have today?

The Cerebus In Chains T-shirt :

Cerebus...IN CHAINS

"Officially licensed Cerebus the Aardvark shirt. Commissioned in 2008 from Dave Sim. Black Gildan 100% cotton T-shirt, Unisex sizes only, Professionally screen printed, Image is approximately 12.5" x 14", centered on the word 'Cerebus'"
I believe Dave was giving these out back in the day. I think Margaret got one. And "super-duper" L nny Cooper (in fact I think all three of the moderators of the Yahoo Cerebus group got them...)

(Although I'm a little concerned by the "copyright 2008 Poetic License Printing" on there. Seems fishy to me... I think it should be "copyright 2008 Dave Sim" or "Aardvark-Vanaheim". But that's just me and how I roll...)

"Gee Matt, that sure is spiffy, how ever can I obtain one of these beauties?"

Well I'm glad you asked A Moment Of Cerebus reader, you can get one right here.

"Thanks Matt! You sure are one nice and handsome fellow. Any girl would be lucky to have you in her life."

Yes, yes, she would. 

"Wanna get a drink sometime?"

Your getting creepy A Moment Of Cerebus reader, you're getting creepy...

Next time: Text from The Restraining Order!


Jeff said...

Um, I got one, too. Surprise gift in the mail. Says, "Mr. Jeff Seiler" right there in medium-sized white letters.

Well, maybe not "Mr." I can't remember what it says or where it is.

Dar...pretty flowers...

Gary Boyarski said...

Okay, I just ordered one so that I can feel like I'm part of the gang. I don't usually make purchases to shifty online stores. Guess we'll see what happens. :)