Monday, 15 January 2018

For Auction: Wait somebody had THAT?!?

Hi, Everybody!

So back when Dave was auctioning his IDW covers I set up an alert from Heritage Auctions for any "Dave Sim" stuff they had.

Here's today's catch:
Dang man...just dang.
Mike Zeck and Gerhard "Make My Day!" Punisher Illustration Original Art (c. 1990s). Mike Zeck on the Punisher, and Gerhard on the backgrounds... the best of both worlds! Zeck made the Punisher a household word and Gerhard quickly became a fan-favorite for his amazing and highly intricate backgrounds in Dave Sim's long-running Cerebus series. This is a prime example of both men's work and in top-form. Created in ink and watercolor on 20" x 32" illustration board. Signed by both in the lower margin. In Excellent condition.
 It doesn't go up for auction for another 17 days, but dang that looks neat.

And then there's this:
Wait, ALL twenty-two pages! Howdafuq???
Back in August 2008 they had ALL twenty-two pages of issue 6? Did...did Dave know about this? Did Sean get scans? Can Sean get scans? Are they in the latest edition of the first phonebook? How? What? Who?

Next time: ALL twenty-two? How much weed did Dave get for that? What? How? Who?


Sean R said...

Got the scans :) Thanks, Doug Gillock and ComicLink!

They're in the 17th Edition Remastered Remixed With Mega-Bass edition of Cerebus Volume One, the one with the REMASTERED EDITION banner. Some of the best looking pages of a very fine looking book. Buy now and buy often!

Jeff said...