Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Happy anniversary Cerebus!

Hi, Everybody!

So back in 2012, I got the idea to do a Jam tribute for the thirty-fifth anniversary of Cerebus.


It did NOT go well.

I got three images, and one of them was mine.

But hey, 2017 was the fortieth anniversary of Cerebus.

So here's the "Completed" Jam:
It was a callback to Cerebus VS Iguana VS Beer #1, which I'll get to eventually in the "Cerebus in Matt's life" series
Here's the individual contributions:
The Cerebus film project's own Oliver Simonsen's Captain Zap and A-1

E. Ann Bardawill's Sketch for Dave Sim aka David Slim aka DVS
And my two idiots, Iguana and Beer with a dead aadvark
So there you go.

Happy Varkaversary (good gravy that's a terrible term...)!

Next time: I dunno...the cards I sent Dave for his birthday?


Oliver said...

How fun!! Seems like only yesterday:) For a further look at my comic book creation "Captain Zap and A-1" please go here http://ruzapped.blogspot.com/



Tony Dunlop said...

This Jam concept sounds like what Dave means when he says something goes "lirav"