Friday, 5 January 2018

Happy New Year, ribs are hurtin', digital vs offset (Dave's Weekly Update #216)

Hi, Everybody!

Heeeeeere's Dave:


Michael Grabowski said...

I'm just glad Dave didn't try to stop his fall with his drawin' hand. Get well soon, Dave, and hopeful prayer sent Dave F's direction for the circumstances surrounding his trip.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a quick recovery Dave!

A Fake Name

Jeff said...

So. I didn't get both portfolios, as I have paid for and received six times before. Number 301 of 175 did not arrive. "Yours beyond 300" failed, for the first time.

I'm guessing, since I called Dave yesterday about this, that he has not yet been made aware of the oversight. (Best, sincere, wishes, Dave, for a speedy recovery. Um..a word of advice?...salt.)

And, I'm guessing that Dave will ask David Fisher (upon his return from down under) to grasp Dave (Sim's) arm and scribble out some signatures and the number 301 on eleven replacement plates, so as to fulfull the order.

(I have a feeling that I'm gonna get royally screwed during my bought and sold week of CIH? strips. I bring it on myself. Sigh.)

Bring it, Dave. You know I can take it.

Oh, and, I promised a review:

Sequential pages would be nice. But, back in the day, page art paid the bill AND the pot dealer. Or, by the time of FLIGHT, the alimony.

The reproduction (Thank you, Sean!) was flawless, right down to all of the flaws. Fascinating, as always, Captain.

The commentary, all six pages, along with way, waaaay, too many images of Gerhard's grass ("but I've always wanted to be known for my bricks!"), was fascinating and took up the better part of two hours before I had to get cleaned up to go out to karaoke.

All Buffett, all night long!

So, they ya go.

Jeff said...

Oh, and,

Death saying, "Well, fuck me." was missing.

THAT page, I'm guessing, is in the private hands of one Brian C.

Which is, oddly enough, appropriate.