Monday, 8 January 2018

Other People's Aardvarks: Chris Samnee

Hi, Everybody!

So your pal and mine, Sean Robinson, sent a big ol' batch of links to, And I'm gonna be running them as I want.

Like today!

Now everybody say, "Thanks Sean!" and enjoy:

Cerebus The Last Supper by Chris Samnee

Look at that beauty. It's belongs to Edd Walker. And he says:
Well, this is the completed piece I have been waiting on from Chris for a while.I don't know what to say. It's the nicest piece I own.His art seems to be getting better & better with each passing month. I'm sure we will all be seeing more from him as he is picking up more high profile jobs. I would like to thank Chris for his time & patience with me & my obsession with getting this. He is by far the nicest & most sincere comic professional I have met. VIVA CHRIS SAMNEE!!
 Edd has other Cerebus pieces if you clicky the link. Some by Dave and Gerhard.

Alright that's enough of that, everybody thank Sean (and Edd (and Chris)).

Next time: I dunno, you guys wanna read, or just stare at purty pictures?

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Carson Grubaugh said...

Wow. Samnee! Love his work.