Sunday, 14 January 2018

The time has come, the Walrus: review of Cerebus

Hi, Everybody!

So your pal and mine, Sean Robinson, sent a big ol' batch of links to, And I'm gonna be running them as I want.

Like today!

Now everybody say, "Thanks Sean!" and enjoy:

ACTUALLY, Glen sent this link first...but we won't quibble.

It's a "fun" little review of Cerebus. (I mostly like the series of Cerebus/Dave Sim/Gerhard links in the article. (Although I question this: "Issue 186—as notorious a number to Sim’s fans as 237 is to Stephen King’s—horrified the comic world." Um...237 is from the Kubrick film. It's room 217 in the novel. And I don''t know any King fan who is haunted by it.))

Anyway, Blurb time!:
In december 1977, the first issue of Cerebus, a comic about an aardvark barbarian, appeared in black and white. Written and illustrated by Dave Sim, a cartoonist who lives in Kitchener, Ontario, Cerebus would persist for nearly three decades, expiring in the twenty-first century. At its peak, back when comics had pesky material needs such as ink and distribution, Sim’s book enjoyed a print run of 36,000—a feat for a self-published series.
So, everybody say, "Thanks Glen! and Sean, we guess..."

Thanks Guys!!!

Image courtesy CerebusDownloads, most images from the series come our way from CerebusDownloads

Next time: Shark Tank secrets to getting rich FAST!!!

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