Sunday, 21 January 2018

Update from Dave

Hi. Everybody!

Reading Cerebus is on a hiatus until Kevin's computer stops being such a little bitch.

So what do I got for you today?

More remembrances of my early life with Cerebus?
What? Why not?
A link from Sean R.?
Really? No?

I know, an update from Dave about the pricing on future Kickstarters?
Oh, okay then...

So I sent Dave a fax wherein I included all the comments from this week's update about future Kickstarters. And Dave responded, thusly:
I faxed him about a number of topics, Kickstarter was #3.
And now you know.

The Cerebus Archive Kickstarters started at $8 a page for ten pages. That price didn't include the cost of the notes page. Which has expanded with every new Archive. And the price has stayed the same for four years.

Well, sound off in the comments, and I'll forward them to Dave.

Next time: Wanna hear what Dave said about your wife?


mike r said...

An increase of $10 or $15 is fine by me as long as the CANs remain pretty simple. 10 prints and notes are fine by me. Maybe eliminate the envelope the prints and notes come in and just print an index sheet of the contents instead.

Since I do not store the prints in the envelopes and put the prints in plastic sleeves in the art portfolio, the envelopes tend "thicken" the portfolio.

...or just put the prints and notes in a thinner envelopes. You're not shipping the prints in those thick envelopes anyway. Shipping the prints and notes in those brown,corrugated hand made envelopes arrive intact.

Jeff said...

If Mike R. is correct about the brown envelopes, then I agree. But, I think the stay-flats is the bulk of the packaging costs (and a large part of the shipping costs). And that's even after they reduced the structure of the stay-flats.

Um, yes, Matt, I would defitely like to know what Dave has to say about my wife.

Travis Pelkie said...

Sounds like a reasonable increase.

Glen said...

Dave reading Jordan Peterson's new book?

There's been a few people on AMOC who've said they've never heard of University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson. Canadians are intimately aware.

I've linked an article (and video) that appeared in this weekends National Post on Jordan Peterson. It talks about his new book & the controversies he's been facing.

By the way I believe a conversation between Dave & Peterson would be very interesting.

Eric Bahringer said...

Raise the price. Please keep the archives coming. I personally love the current format/composition.

Bill Ritter said...

I would not like the format changed. I would be fine with an increase in price to retain 10 pages, commentary and the same size.

Spitballing other stuff:
* I would be interested in an add-on of more pages - something like "Add on Package $79: Dave Sim's 5 Favorite Pages for Can# w/commentary on why these pages" or "5 Favorite Pages from CAN# as voted by AMOC (or or whatever)" (...with Can# being the subject of that Kickstarter).
* I would be interested in a return of bonus prints of "rarities". Like the IDW covers, or the Marvel Fanfare pinups, or the portfolio(s). I realize the other publisher material may be prohibited...but just saying. Obviously, keep this simpler (1 bonus print at $10,000, 2 bonus prints at $15,000, so on), or (1 bonus print with $10 support increase; 2 bonus prints with $20 increase) - but the choice is limited (the $10/$10,000 is the same for everyone).

Tony Dunlop said...

You know, I'm not sure I ever noticed that "Fsss" lettering for the cannon fuse before. Thanks, Matt!

Steve said...

I know what Dave said (well, typed) about my wife, I have it right here, from Jan. 19th, 2011:

"... and best to your (very!) lovely wife and daughters."

And you know what?

I've only ever wanted the best for them myself!