Thursday, 22 February 2018

Mo' crazy-day auctions!!! (Dave's Weekly Update #223)

Hi, Everybody!

Heeeeeere's Dave:

The Cerebus in Hell? Auctions continue:
(And if he posts something after I post this, look for bonecrusher86 on the eBays.)
So open your checkbooks and bid, Bid, BID!!! (Or not, I don't care what you do. I mean only Dave and Fisher and Rollie are counting on you. How could you do this to them?!?)


Jeff said...

Has anyone seen the Wally Wood or Cerebus Vol. I or tracing paper up on ebey yet? I can't find them.

Travis Pelkie said...

You should try looking on EBay instead, then.

You walked into that one, sir!

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


Wally wood is up currently.


Steve said...

And phone book is now live as well.

Interesting to look at the bidding statistics for the three completed auctions:

Un-Bedable had 5 bidders who put in 9 bids.
Undateable had 6 bidders who put in 13 bids.
Archive #7 had 4 bidders who put in 12 bids.

So far the phone book is the only auctioned item which holds any interest for me, so I may be throwing my hat into the bidding ring!


Jake Capps said...

The SDOAR sketch never went up.