Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Name that Column! With your host... Benjamin!

Hello Everyone! Benjamin here, filling in for Sean Michael Robinson!

Sean is away this week taking care of business.  The final installment of his wonderfully informative series Paper to Pixel to Paper Again will run next week. Starting Wednesday, March 7th, I'll be taking over this spot with a new weekly column detailing all of the exciting in and outs of working on Cerebus in Hell?

Dave Sim describes this new column as:

 "Just a few paragraphs and a couple of visuals a couple of times a week. A panel from one of my roughs, a future cover, the line-up right now. Favourite CIH? strips to date. Policy changes ... "

Exciting!  I can't wait to detail those policy changes!

However, there is one slight problem...This column needs a name.
Head Honcho Matt Dow suggested the following names:

-A Moment of Hell?
-Ben and Dave's Excellent Adventure
-Ben and Dave's Bogus Journey

 My list of possible names includes:

-Understanding Cerebus in Hell?
-Making Cerebus in Hell?
-Cut and Paste Your Way to Success!
-Name That Column!

And of course the very straight forward:

-CIH? Weekly Update

Do any of these jump out to you?  Do you have a better suggestion for a title for this column?  Let me know in the comments section!

Next time: Paper to Pixel to Paper Again. Weren't you paying any attention?

While making the "Cerebus Construction" sign posted above, I briefly considered doing a whole series of CIH? inspired street signs.  I only got as far as the "Manticore crossing".  Enjoy!


Next time in the Bonus area:  Watch out for falling Aardvarks!


Travis Pelkie said...

Cerebus and Hobbs, duh.

Gary Boyarski said...

If it's going to be a chronicle of works in progress, I suggest, "Aardvark Strip Tease!" By the way, how is the cover homage situation? Have you guys run out of ideas yet? I had so much fun with the last one, it would be fun to do again. Perhaps with spoofing old horror comics?

David Birdsong said...
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mike r said...

Hell and Hobbs

... or...

Helen Hobbs


mike r said...

Hobb-knobbin' in Hell

Lee Thacker said...

I'd like to suggest 'Ben Day'; as in Ben: day 1, Ben: day 2 etc. This idea refers to Dave's use of Benday dots on Cerebus as well as a subtle link to his friend and mentor Gene Day. No? Okay, please yourselves :) BTW, thank you, Benjamin for working your Photoshop magic on the 'Unbedable Vark' and 'Love & Aardvarks' cover ideas I submitted all those months ago - great job!

Jeff said...

My suggestion: "It's Like Making Sausage"

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Understanding Cerebus In Hell? gave me the most wonderful idea for an image.

Interim-Editor, not "Head Honcho". Never "Head Honcho". That sounds like a person who is responsible...

Gabriel McCann said...

How about "Hell hath no fury like an Aardvark scorned!"

Benjamin H said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! It's going to be hard to choose... I suppose rotating titles is always an option :)

Travis- I do like the idea of "Cerebus and Hobbs" if only because the logo would be fun to make. And "Duh" is hard to argue with.

Gary-Funny title! Currently, there are FINISHED books through March or April of 2019 (Maybe further, I'll have to check.) After that there are 8 covers that are in the works from Sean and I. Plus David's 7-8. So if all of those covers are used, we have covers until May or June of 2020. That being said, if you have a funny idea, send it to Dave! There's always room for more! I'll cover the current status of CIH? in the first few weeks of March.

David- have I seen all 7 or 8 of those covers? (I can only think of 5 or 6) We can run them in this column in March if that works for you.

Mike R.- Hobb-knobbin' in Hell? is a definite maybe!

Lee- "Ben Day" makes me groan...but in a good way! Your welcome for the work on the Un-beddable Vark! He's become one of favorite characters in CIH? But you'll have to thank Sandeep for the "Love & Aardvarks" cover finish!

Jeff- This title made me laugh. So it's a definite maybe!

Matt-When I think of "Understanding CIH?" I think of Cerebus in Scott McClouds shirt and glasses. Apologies for implying you're responsible. It won't happen again.

Gabriel- The titles a bit long. But if I go with rotating titles, it might just make it one week!

Thanks again to everyone for all the suggestions!