Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Faxing Satan!

Benjamin Hobbs:

Every CIH? strip starts with Dave making a rough and faxing a copy to Sean Robinson, David Bridsong, or myself. The roughs look like this:

They don't look exactly like this.  When we get the strips the words are visible.
If you want to see the hilarious gags you'll have to buy Super-Cerebus Annual #1! On sale 2019! 

Most of the time, the images are fairly clear.  But some of the Dore images don't like being faxed. For instance, the image of Satan should look like this:

However, it pops out of the fax machine looking like this:

I like to play connect the dots with faxes like these.  Print out your own copy to play along at home!

To remedy this, I took the regular Satan image, which is all crisp line art, and applied some Gaussian Blur, to turn it into a continuous tone image.

Once I had continuous grey tone, I applied a Threshold Adjustment layer to the image. This resulted in large areas of black and white which should be more fax-friendly:

I faxed this full image of Satan to Dave.  If he starts using it when faxing CIH? roughs, I'll make sure to post those faxes when they arrive!

And now for a special treat... the first installment of 
Comment commentary!

This new, and undoubtedly sporadic, feature will answer all the comments from the previous week's comment section that were ignored but really shouldn't have been!

Last week Bob Oldman wrote:

"Those look great.
"When are we going to see the first paperback of CIH?

First off Bob, I'd like to take a moment to commend you on your impeccable good taste in drawings. I've never known of anyone to have a more discerning eye.

As for the trade paperback of CIH?, I asked Dave about that back in February and he had this to say in a fax dated Feb 18, 2018:

"The goal right now is to be The Only Actual Monthly Comic Book, not Just Another Trade Paperback. That's going to take a few years to sink in, I think.  The only CEREBUS trade paperbacks that sell are CEREBUS and HIGH SOCIETY. There's no reason to believe a CIH? trade would be any different.  If sales go up, or level off I'll think about a trade." 

So there you have it Bob!  If everyone reading this buys more copies of CIH?, one day there might be a trade paper back collection!  So let's all run out to our LCSs and triple the number of copies of THE UNDATEABLE CEREBUS we've ordered! There's no excuse.  It's Wednesday. NEW COMIC DAY. I'm headed to my LCS right now!

 Diamond order code MAR181017!

Next week:You won't believe this BIZARRE trick you can do with twenty four copies of THE UNDATEABLE CEREBUS #1!


David Birdsong said...
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Anonymous said...

You make me sad. But so be it.

Bob Oldman

David Birdsong said...
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Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to getting these in book form. They are next to impossible to get where I live. I suppose I could get them online. But I really wanted another Cerebus book to go with the set of 1-16.

I'll just buy them online and glue the spines together. That'll work.

Bob Oldman

Tony Dunlop said...

Bob's just quoting King Arthur.

Jeff said...

Nice job, Calvin!