Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Follow-up to "Lunch in La-La Land Weekly Update 227: 23 Mar 18":Request from Dave (could this Message Header be any longer?)

Hi, Everybody!

Let's drop some money:
And you should know the rest by now..bonecrusher86 on the eBays

Eddie Khanna dropped in with:
Hi Matt! Hope you're doing well, and the "Interim" position is treating you all right. It looks like things are going good so far, and you've brought some much needed humour to the site. 

After the Mar 23 2018 Weekly Update regarding the response from Oscar Wilde's grandson, Merlin Holland, Dave had me contact him and relay the following: 

Thank you for your wonderful letter of 23 February which I read for the CEREBUS fans on my weekly Update at A Moment of Cerebus which was posted earlier today (Mar 23, 2018). I hope that was all right.

Still don't have e-mail but I do fax Eddie Khanna in special cases like this one and he relays the fax as an e-mail. Is it okay if he solicits the AMOC readership for their thoughts on your grandfather and relays the most interesting posts and e-mails to you?

Hope you are well and thank you for your efforts on my behalf. I’d rather have Merlin
Holland in my corner than tout le monde bien pensant Francaise (please pardon the
execrable spelling)

Dave Sim

To which Merlin replied: 

Hello Eddie,
Many thanks for relaying this. Delighted to have Dave’s response to my letter and very courteous of him. It was quite unnecessary for him to to take the trouble as mine was by way of an apology, but I was happy that he felt it worth of sharing with the CEREBUS fans.
In his fax Dave asks if it is OK for you to solicit the AMOC readership for their thoughts on Oscar and to relay the most interesting posts and e-mails. Sure. I’d be interested to hear what they think.

Best wishes,

So AMOC readers, if you have any thoughts at all about Oscar Wilde and/or his works, feel free to either post them here in the comment section, or email them to me at  khanna.edward@gmail.com, and I'll forward them to Merlin. 

So there you go my little amoc-amucks, sound off like you got a pair! HOO-RAH!!!

Next Time: "North Dakota Hobbes and the Raiders of the Lost Aardvark"


Jack said...

I don't know whether this has been mentioned here (I don't watch the videos of Dave), but there's a new book out about Oscar Wilde's prison/post-prison years: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2018/03/08/impossibility-of-being-oscar-wilde/

Anonymous said...

Has he read Frank Harris' biography of his granddad, and if so, what did he think of it? I found it especially insightful because Harris views Wilde not just as a friend but also as a fellow writer with a muse and career to protect against worldly temptations.

Also, does he have a website or email address for people to contact him directly?

Thank you!

--Claude Flowers

Eddie said...

Thanks for the comment Claude. I'll forward it on!

Merlin asked me not to give out his email, but I'll see if he has any other online presence.