Friday, 27 April 2018

Rapidograph pens and a seriously steamed Cerebus (Dave's Weekly Update #232)

Hi, Everybody!


And bonecrusher86 is the name to know...

Heeeeeere's Dave:

Next time: I'm NOT in Columbus, YOU'RE NOT in Columbus, it's like we're the SAME person...


Jeff said...

We're in Columbus!!! Where the french fries r u? (Signed, Anonymous and Mr. Anonymous, and Ms. Anonymous, and Late-shower-up Mr. Anonymous [Really? You're dissing the best action movie star since 1977? Really?!!!?])

P.S.: To our esteemed ...administrator...moderator...Grand Poobah...Seriously, can't the kids take care of themselves by now?!? C'MON!!!
I mean, just put out two bowls of water and leave the food bag open.



That's what I did for my cat.

Ummm...tell 'em I (and we) said, "sleep tight!" You, too, Paula. ☺

Jeff said...

Okay! Master class in pen inking that none of u had to pay for. I'm guessing, but have no clue, that spot blacks could maybe use the deeper parts of the inkwell.