Friday, 6 April 2018

Hoodies, honeymoons & strike-outs (Dave's Weekly Update #229)

Hi, Everybody!

The other stuff isn't up right this second. maybe it is as of YOUR "right this second," but it's not as of MY "right this second"... So, check for bonecrusher86 on the eBays to see if they're up yet.

Heeeeeere's Dave (no, for reals this time):

Next time: What WAS Dave up to on September 23rd, 1987? 


JLH said...

That's... uhh, last week's update video.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

How da fug did THAT happen?!?

I fixed it now.

(I hope...)

Jeff said...

I watched this vid last night, but it took forever to get posted, so I went to bed. Just watched it again, so now I can comment.

First of all, it was nine strikeouts over a complete-game eight innings. This was the middle year of three years in a row in which the Royals lost in the playoffs to the hated NY Yankees (pa-tooie). In 1980, KC finally beat the hated NY Yankees (pa-tooie) and made the World Series for the first time, only to be swept by Mike Schmidt's and Pete Rose's Phillies. That was the year that KC's George Brett batted .390, chasing Ted Williams' .406 batting average. After the season, George's dad, Jack, called George. George thought it was to congratulate him. Instead, Jack said, "You couldn't get 25 more hits?!?" That's what it would have taken to beat Ted Williams' average.

OMGosh! OMGosh!! OMGosh!!! I had no idea of the metaphysics. It took me the better part of a full evening to do the research. At first, I thought about the 2014 and 2015 Royals, but then I remembered those late 70's teams. First, I looked up Bret Saberhagen, Johnny Cueto, Paul Splittorf (the very first Royal, signed in 1968 for the inaugural 1969 season), Kevin Appier (the Ape-Man), et. al.


October 7, 1978. A date that will live in infamy.

It was fun playing your game, Dave. Bring on Round II.

Jeff said...

BTW, *clever* Dave. He says in the video that the last time he read the sports pages was, "two-and-a-half years ago". Let's see...2 1/2 years ago would, carry the, 2015. Who won that World Series? HMMM.

*Clever* Dave.

DVS, indeed. (sound it out)

Tony Dunlop said...

Jeff, you forgot my favorite late-70s Royal: Al Hrabosky, the "Mad Hungarian." Back at Met Stadium (now the site of a spectacularly vulgar shopping mall), they even had a scoreboard animation of him with steam coming out of his ears that they played every time he came on in relief.