Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Cerebus in Hell? NOW on COMIXOLOGY!

Benjamin Hobbs:
Kicking yourself for missing the SOLD OUT print version of Cerebus in Hell? #1? Not willing to pay a quarter over cover price (plus $17 shipping) on eBay? Wanting to take CIH? with you where ever you go, but unwilling to risk staining the pristine white pages of your near mint copy with that delicious Mountain Dew?  Than Comixology has great news for you! Cerebus In Hell? #1 is NOW available on Comixology

At ONLY 99 cents, this is a great jumping on point for anyone who was on the fence or trade waiting. Dive into the CIH? experience today!

In case you didn't read all the way through the 40+ comments for The Aardvark-Vanaheim Succession Plan: Part 1, George Peter Gatsis wrote:
"OH YEAH... Cerebus Plastic Figurine is now available at

 George just sent me this exclusive sneak peek!  Enjoy!

According to George's website this figurine is "the first product in a series of six chess pieces"!

 And check out these Specs!:
 - 6.5 inches from base to sword tip.
- 2 inch diameter at the base.
- Single Color: Cool Grey PLA.

Delivery by Canada Post
$29.99 CAD
(plus $20.00 shipping/handling)
(allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery)

For more information, Click HERE!

Next week: CIH? Cover Comparison PART TWO... Unless something more pressing comes up.


George Peter Gatsis said...



Can you please update the post.

I was still developing the website and polishing the video.

It is NOW ready for PRIME TIME!

Thank you Mod God... You are doing a wonderful job on AMOC.


Benjamin H said...

Hey George!

Sure, we can update the post! But...what part did you want updated exactly? Do the links not go to the right page? If so, could you post the correct address in the comments and I'll put in in the main post?

Or did you want the text to read differently? Let me know and I'll Update it!


George Peter Gatsis said...

Dear Great and Wonderful AMOC MOD GOD...

Update the text and image please.

Follow the link to the store and you'll see a bullet point breakdown of how it all happened.

And send me your email... I would like to send you some additional photos to be exclusively posted here.

I am UNWORTHY to be in your presence!

Benjamin H said...

Hey George!

If you send those photos to I'll post an update tonight.

What would you like the text to accompany it to say?


George Peter Gatsis said...

I am right now online of GREAT AND POWERFUL MOD GOD!

I am humbling sending you an exclusive photo.

I am un-worthy!


Jeff said...

Man! That must be one BIG-ASS chess board!!! When do we get to see 12" Bishop Powers, 8 1/2" Bishop Posey, 12" Knight Elrod, 10" Queen Sophia, 13" Knight Bear, 11" Rook Black Tower, and 11" Rook Regency Hotel, or the opposing
King Julius and Queen Sophia? Hmmm?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...



You must be thinking of some imaginary chess set that's never going to exist...

(Who knows things you don't know...)

Jeff said...

Wait. What's the whozit, now? I thought that *I* was the one who knew things that *you* didn't know yet. Which used to really get Margaret's goat.

"The Lord is thy shepherd; thou shalt not bleat."

Travis Pelkie said...

Jeff wants to handle a 13 inch Bear....

al said...

So, do you get extra arms with it?

I'd also pay more for a larger figure without the base.

George Peter Gatsis said...

TO AL...

Send your request to