Wednesday, 9 May 2018

CIH? Cover Comparison PART ONE

Benjamin Hobbs:

On the last Wednesday of this month (May 30th)  THE UNDATEABLE CEREBUS should be arriving in comic stores.  The original mock-up of that issue first appeared on AMOC in February of 2017.  It looked like this:

The version going to print looks like this:

However if you check the back cover of LOVE AND AARDVARKS and THE UNDATEABLE CEREBUS, you might notice something different:
There's an alternate version of THE UNDATEABLE CEREBUS cover!  It seems that one of the last projects Sandeep Atwal was working on while at AV was making print-ready versions of the approved CIH? covers submitted by readers. Here's his version of THE UNDATEABLE CEREBUS:

The biggest difference is that "CEREBUS" logo has been broken into "C-EREBUS" and cracks have been added to the lettering. There is some alterations in the dialogue being spoken.  The poster font is different.  Some sort of texture has been added in the background. Additionally, there is a "Comics Code Authority" parody. Oh, and the Cerebus cut-out has been switched out.


Today is MAY 9th, and LOVE AND AARDVARKS should be in stores!
 You can read my Completely Unbiased Review of this wonderful book here.

Next week: Cover Comparison PART TWO!


David Birdsong said...
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David Birdsong said...
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Travis Pelkie said...

Yeah, it was the TYPOS that ruined that one ;)

I kid because I love.