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Reading Cerebus #20: "Champion" Issue 17

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Kevin Kimmes:
Welcome back to “Reading Cerebus”, a some-what new (mostly) weekly column here at A Moment of Cerebus. The goal of this column is to bring a fresh perspective to the 300-issue saga of Cerebus as I read through the series for the first time and give my insights into the longest running independent comic book series of all time. Think of this as part book club, part lit-crit, and part pop culture musing. Let’s continue.

"Champion" - Cerebus #17

Cerebus #17 "Champion"
"Well I've rode out of Palnu on a horse that was lame,
Lord Julius got me again,
Now the horse is dead, and in my shoulder there's pain,
'Cause 8 bags of gold is a significant weight,
La, la, and such!"
(Sung to the tune of "Horse With No Name")

"Wet Aardvark", the new scent from
Psychopathic revenge fantasies courtesy of

Trading Spaces: Estarcion edition coming soon to
Cerebus, Property Owner

Stuck in the rain, 10 miles from the nearest inn, Cerebus decides to plant roots, even if they are only due to necessity. Wet, and smelling like a poorly maintained horse's ass, Cerebus buys a hovel from some locals and settles in to drying off.

Of course, since this is a Cerebus story, the relative peace and quiet is only temporary.

Same thing happened when I bought my house...swear to
Remember the T'Gitans

This issue really feels like a getting us on to the next major plot piece. So, since I'm struggling to get through this weeks column, here's the highlights:

- Two T'Gitan's (Stromm and Gudre) recruit Cerebus in helping them take the city of Fluroc, on their way to overthrowing Lord Julius in Palnu
- Fluroc is guarded by Commander Krull who cut out Stromm's tongue.
- Stromm can be calmed with orange creams.
- Krull can be knocked out by a rock to the back of the head.

See? (Visual aid courtesy of
"Start Praying This Is More Than A Two Part Story"

Cliffhanger by
These are Lord Julius' words that close out this chapter, and as I said earlier, this issue just feels like set up for the next big story. Cerebus has flipped sides and joined in with Lord Julius' enemies, Commander Krull has become a captive of Cerebus, and we are introduced to a member of Lord Julius' cabinet who appears to be based off Harpo Marx except for the fact that he talks.

Final Thoughts

While I understand the necessity of issues like this one, after a 3-parter, this issue just felt a bit underwhelming. Oh well, there's always next week.

Join me back here next week as I take a look at issue 18, "Fluroc".

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Kevin Kimmes is a lifelong comic book reader, sometime comic book artist, and recent Cerebus convert. He can be found slinging comics at the center of the Multiverse, aka House of Heroes in Oshkosh, WI.

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JLH said...

I never noticed how Harpo-esque in the guy in this issue was! Good catch.