Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Benjamin Hobbs:

Today's the last Wednesday of the month... and you know what that means!  There's a new CEREBUS IN HELL? #1 at your LCS! 

This has been a busy week for CIH?! The following is a brief summary of everything that's gone on, although there's so much,  I'm sure I missed something!

THE UNDATEABLE CEREBUS lands on the shelves of your LCS. Hurry! Stop reading this and go out and buy it! We'll wait....  Okay? You have THE UNDATEABLE CEREBUS in hand? Good. Read on!

THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY CEREBI is being proofed and checked for errors. The solicitation for LEAGUE has been sent to Diamond!

CERBERUS IN HELL? #1 is being populated with strips. Up-sizing the online strips is a true joy!

The cover of CANADIAN VARK is getting ready for print. Here's a sneak peek at the in-progress logo:

 Next week: CIH? COMPARATIVE COVERS: PART THREE! Or whatever lands on my desk before then.


Sean R said...

... and most importantly, you can order Nick Calm: Agent of C.O.D.P.I.E.C.E. from your local comic store...right now!

(The above link has about, oh, twenty-three factual errors, by the way... and that's before you get to the comments section!)

David Birdsong said...
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