Tuesday, 22 May 2018

TMNCerebi, Bishop Posey, and a NEW CONTEST!!!

Hi, Everybody!

Time to get your orders in for the most fabulous thing I flogged on this blog today:
The ONLY Eastman approved Cerebus In Hell? one-shot (so far, I got a REALLY good feeling about The Unbedable Vark...)

Over on the Cerebus Facebook group (which I only joined to hear all the bitchin' about AMOC since the regime change...), somebody asked:
"Looking for something specific, hoping someone can help me out. Somewhere during the Church and State run, there's a scene where Cerebus commands Posey to get his mother in law or tell her something onerous, or maybe it's someone else. In any case, Posey thinks this will obviously be the death of him, which is signified by a thought bubble with a cartoon death figure. Can someone point me to the right issue or volume/page? Even better, post the page or link to it..?"
 Sure, I can do ALL sorts of stuff. (Is good to be King...)
Courtesy of CerebusDownloads.com
As you can see, it's from page 283 of Church & State 1.

There was also:
Also courtesy of CerebusDownloads.com
I seem to recall there's a scene with a disembodied skull in a hood with a metal bikini. Anybody remember where that's from? First person to give me volume, page and panel wins "AMOC Special Friend of the Day" status and a special mention on Friday's post.

Next Time: "My name's Hobbs. Ben Hobbs. Double Oh Aardvark. Licenced to Vanaheim" Yeah, I don't know what it means either...


Jimmy Gownley said...

Look man... I'm on a tight deadline here. I got two more books coming out from Disney this year and a 300 page brick due at Scholastic. AND that's not even the main thing I'm working on!

So I don't have the TIME to tell you that its Going Home (Vol. 13) Page 277 panel one.

And yes, this was just a blatant and obnoxious self-promotion, but the info is correct ;)

Tony Dunlop said...

Thanks for checking in, Jimmy! Glad you're so busy - couldn't happen to a nicer guy (no, we've never met, but I've read your posts and some of your comics).

Jimmy Gownley said...