Monday, 25 June 2018

In Soviet Russia, Cerebus Reads YOU!!

Hi, Everybody!

Your pal and mine, David Birdsong sent in the following to the Ol' AMOC Mailbag:
Hi Matt,

It's funny what's lurking around on the internet.  I found a copy of Cerebus #1 in Russian.  The art isn't reproduced all that well, but the lettering is pretty good.

David B
Courtesy of David Birdsong...I just said that...
I forwarded that message to everybody's friend, Sean Robinson, and he said:
Weird!! That's digital lettering FYI. The file metadata says it was generated in Photoshop, in April 2013!
Courtesy David Birdsong and some Russians (I presume...)
Sean continued:
And the title of the file means "Bi-weekly" in Italian.
The file is titled: "Bi-Settimanale" (Which makes this a TRI-lingual post. NEAT!)

Courtesy David Birdsong, some Russians, and the Italians. And originally, Dave Sim...
And Sean finished:
Def. not a scan of a printed issue. The compositing on the cover indicates it's digital lettering over a scan. Probably a fan translation, using an Italian fan translation/scan as a jumping-off point.
Which just goes to show, you can take the Man out of the Art Hunt, but you can't take the Art Hunt out of the Man!

I asked David where he found this so I could share a link instead of posting twenty-three images, and he said:
You have to be careful downloading anything from a site like this so I used a piece of junk tablet I don't need and then scanned it.  It checked out ok so it's a true rarity...

...but not as rare as a printed copy.

David B
So, if you want a digital copy of Cerebus #1 in Russian, email with the phrase "What A Country!" as the subject, and I'll send one back to you.

Next Time: Wait til you see what "Unca" Sean Robinson has for you guys!?!


Tony Dunlop said...

To quote Reuben Flagg, "Bojemoi!"

David Birdsong said...
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Tony again said...

Huh! All these years I had no idea what Reuben was saying (Mel Brooks says it in "The Twelve Chairs" a lot, too).

David Birdsong said...
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Tony again said...

Gospodi Pomilui.