Saturday, 2 June 2018

Who the @#!* is Kung-Fu Lincoln?!?

Hi, Everybody!

Five days. Comiclink. Bring money.

And if you have any left afterward...

If you're like me, you watched this week's Weekly Update, and asked, "Who the @#!* is Kung-Fu Lincoln?!?" (well, okay, NOT me, I KNOW who Kung-Fu Lincoln is, I made him, and I'm writing this post. But you know, it's the bit, so go with it...)

So, because I have nothing else prepared, uh, I mean, because YOU demanded it:
The "Secret Origin of Kung-Fu Lincoln"! (Yay! This is one you're gonna wanna bookmark and come back to over and over again...)

We begin back in 1991 and the In Living Color TV show:
Like most young creatives, I followed the mantra of "First you imitate, then you innovate"

Flash forward to 2003, and my friend Kelly:
Seen here with me in 2000. She's the one without the beard...
was exhibiting at Wizard World Chicago. If you click the link, you'll see Kelly is a real talented artist, and as a result, she gets asked to do sketches. But it takes her a long time, and that kept her from talking to people and making sales. So, I started to draw quick little sketches on post-it notes and giving them to passerbys. A sample:
Hey look it's Cerebus! Ha, this isn't JUST a self-serving autobiographical post, it's a Moment of Cerebus! #Winning
As you see, I took the bit from the In Living Color sketch and added the 16th President of the United States and Kung-Fu Licoln was born.

I then put a whole bunch of these sketches into a mini-comic and sold them at S.P.A.C.E. 2005:
This is actually the cover to my personal copy that I had signed by Dave, why was it signed by Dave? I'll get to that. But when he signed it, he copyrighted all my precious childhood memories. If I think about kindergarten, I owe him a quarter.
Here's the other cover (it was a flipbook):
Ha! (again,) That's two! Two Moments of Cerebus! Ah-ah-ah!
A few years later, Oliver Simonsen asked me to contribute something to a project he was putting together called Sci-Fi Mumbo-Jumbo Quarterly, I started a five page Star Wars parody, but ran out of time, and instead sent him five pages for the forthcoming Iguana VS Beer #1 (it's been forthcoming for about fifteen years now. If you're holding your breath waiting for it, congratulations! You're dead now...):
It's crap, but it's my crap and I like it.

Fluffy is one of those jokes that is so wrong, it's right.

And there he is. He's supposed to be in the yellow jumpsuit Bruce Lee wore in Game of Death, but I screwed up inking.

That's a real Lincoln quote.

Not gonna lie, "I blame Chuck Norris" always makes me laugh.
Sci-Fi Mumbo-Jumbo Quarterly never took off (let's pretend it WASN'T my fault.) And Kung-Fu Lincoln was just a private joke among me and the people who got a chance to see him.

People like Rex Mundi writer Arvid Nelson
Seen here with me circa 2005. He's the one who's about to perform some amateur dental work.
who thought Kung-Fu Lincoln was the "bee's knees". So when his birthday came around two years ago, I made the "card" I sent Dave:
Only without Cerebus, I just had text that said, "I wouldn't eat it, it's probably full of Ninjas."
And there's the next year's "card":
This is the one I posted for Ger's birthday this year.
Soon I'll have to make another one of these stupid things.

Okay, that's it, that's all the Kung-Fu Lincoln I got.

Next Time: A serious discussion of brocolli. Or something. I'm kinda just winging this $#!*...


Oliver said...

Ah the scifi anthology “Sci Fi Mumbo Jumbo Quarterly”. The series that almost was - you were in excellent company as it featured comics by (in alphabetical order) Donna Barr, Joe Chiappetta, Roberta Gregory, Tom Hart, Fred Hembeck, Nabiel Kanan, Steve Lafler, Mark Oakley, Shannon Wheeler etc with covers by Carl Lundgren and David A. Hardy

Jeff said...

I thought I had all of the Mouse Skull books (let alone nearly all of the mouse skulls [I've seen the one Matt has]), but I don't think I have that one.

So, Matt, would, no, Jeff, don't be stupid! Matt, would twen--com'on, Jeff! Wake up!!!

Would ten bucks around...) button(?) do it?

Ooh! And, a bagged-and-boarded copy of MOKF #102!!!


Shecky said...

Post Script: Arvid is nowhere near as cool as you.

Even though you dis your friends to go to a "dance recital". 🤔

I have less than zero doubt that your daughters were lovely and very talented, but you missed out on a "very special moment" between and betwixt The Divine Ms. M and Lenny and me. They are very caring persons.

Oh, and Ger & Shel were pretty great, too. Next year? You & me and Ger & Shel at S.P.A.C.E. A nice, tidy little foursome.


GOLF, you preverts!!!

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Well, that really wasn't very good.

-- Damian