Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Cerebus wants YOU to order CRISIS OF INFINITE CEREBI today!

Benjamin Hobbs:

Cerebus wants YOU to run to your LCS and place your orders for

Please note, it's OF and not ON, as listed in Previews.

 Make sure to support all these upcoming books! We just got the Purchase Order for NICK CALM, and it wasn't the sales bonanza that we were hoping for. In fact, the numbers weren't good at all. I won't mention the exact number, I'll leave that for Dave, but if the numbers continue as they are, the last Wednesday of every month may NOT have a new CIH? #1 for much longer. Which would be a shame, since the upcoming books are some of the funniest Cerebus In Hell? to date!

Next week: Rumors abound about The Officially Unofficial Counterfeit Cerberus in Hell? #1


Travis Pelkie said...

Possible reason -- No variation of "Cerebus" or "Aardvark" in the Nick Calm title. I suspect other titles beyond that with those in the title will bounce back a bit in numbers.

David Birdsong said...
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Gary Boyarski said...

David, that's exciting to hear that the numbers were high on the TMNC book! As the guy who made up the cover on that one, I specifically made the effort to get Kevin Eastman to notice it by contacting his office vie email. He expressed interest in getting copies to sign and sell on his site, so I hope Dave and his crew were able to accommodate him on that. Great covers are the key to keeping this series going, they are what are going to spike sales beyond us hardcore Cerebus readers. They need to be relevant to today's comics fans, funny, and feature Cerebus. I think that we should run another create a cover contest here on AMOC, and see what we can come up with.