Wednesday, 25 July 2018

CIH? Cover Comparison: CANADIAN VARK Edition

Benjamin Hobbs:

WAAAY back in March of 2017, Lee Thacker suggested this cover for CANADIAN VARK:

This week I put the final touches on the finished version of the cover:

CANADIAN VARK will be on sale the last Wednesday of December! 

Next Week: Giant Size Jingles cover comparison!  OR The Un-bedable Vark riding his valiant steed. YOU decide!


David Birdsong said...

Canadian Vark will mark the first time the entire issue is new material. Dave has been really knocking the complete issue storylines out of the park. It's some of his funniest work since GUYS

Jeff said...

I vote for Jingles. One can never get too much of Jingles.

Cerebus Restoration said...

This is a killer issue, and great cover, Lee and Benjamin! First in a string of full-issue, wall-to-wall, riotously-funny Dave work. (My personal faves being Giant-Size Jingles --Jan 2019-- and Cerebus Woman, somewhere out there in July 2019...)

Buy those issues, kids! We need to get the circulation up if we're going to get there.

Jeff said...

From the very first one, CIH? #0, I have bought four copies every month. If a poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks (me) can do it, then so can you.

Steve said...

Haven't never bought one, haven't never read one.

'Taint my style.


David Birdsong said...

Thanks for your support, Steve! Good luck with your career in pushing old ladies in front of moving trains.

Steve said...


The trains are supposed to be MOVING?!

Why am I always the last to know...


Gary Boyarski said...

Great job on the costume for the Canadian Vark, Benjamin! I'm worried that some of these covers are heading into some very obscure territory. Now that you guys have started doing covers that are a little more enhanced with fresh artwork, (beyond the four Cerebus cut-out figures) I'm wondering... if we all gang up on him, can we convince Dave to start drawing new covers for this series? I think that a new Dave Sim cover would boost sales enough to keep the series afloat.